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360 degree VR is quite a different way of visual storytelling, however the concept of 360° video and VR has exploded in recent years and proven to be a profound and immersive marketing tool, that can be used as both stand-alone or as an absorbing addition to regular video marketing. Activate your audience by using 360° video and let them experience your world.


360° video enables you to interactively look around in the content. Due to this unique feature it opens a whole new world of potential applications; experience a rollercoaster while sitting on your couch, take a virtual museum tour, absorb the atmosphere of a remote holiday destination, educate through interactive elearning, or study the architecture of a famous landmark. 360° Virtual Reality video is a whole new way of educating, experiencing, helping, demonstrating and selling.
Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Glasses


360 degree video is accessible to a mass audience through all common platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. All you need is a smartphone and to add an even more immersive experience you can use a virtual reality headset; like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or any other VR goggles. Viewing the video this way is like experiencing it through the eyes of the camera when the video was shot.


The 360° video can be implemented into an app for Android or iPhone, which makes your content independent and viewable inside your own corporate identity. An app can even contain clickable layers so your viewers can click on something they look at while exploring your 360° content. This is a great way to implement call to action, or to make it easy for your audience to purchase your product.


Another way to showcase your 360° video is to implement it into your company website. By using the internet browser the viewer can use the mouse to look around in the video.


Not only is the application of 360 degree video growing exponentially as a marketing tool, but so is the technological development for 360° cameras, editing, and viewing equipment that are making huge leaps. This creates a lot of opportunities in this new market, but it also creates the necessity for content creators to submerge, study and specialize in the field of this medium. The 360° video recording and editing process is in a way similar, but also very different from conventional video or photography methods. The content is captured using a special camera and rig while the environment is adjusted to serve the best recording conditions needed for capturing 360° video. The content then goes through the editing process using dedicated software that is used by a specialized editor. The end result can then be delivered and ready for publishing on YouTube, Facebook, WebVR or smartphone App.
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