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A new HERO in town!

Early October GoPro sent us their brand new GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition. After unboxing we were eager to test our newbaby. So we headed outdoor and did our first test shoot with this popular sports camera in different settings. Not just any settings, but awesome settings! 4K 25 FPS (yes we are based in Europe) and 1080P 120 FPS. Of course we wanted to share our footage online as soon as possible, but immediately after the shoot we had the opportunity to really implement the Hero 4. In this case, a shoot for WWF on the tropical island of Bonaire and its crystal clear ocean.

So now we think we have enough to really show the quality of this 4K GoPro. But of course see for yourself and share your feelings about the new GoPro Hero 4 Black with us in the comment box below. Check out our test videos in this post.

UNBOXING                                                                                                          FIELD TEST


If you would like to see an original 4K file from the GoPro, download it here.

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