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360° Virtual Reality video is here!

We would really like to share something with you that we are very enthusiastic about. It concerns a new marketing tool that we have implemented in our line of products. The developments of this new marketing technique are quite recent, even YouTube decided to support this technique, hence we think it has a lot of potential.

In contrast to regular video it enables you to interactively look 360 degrees around, creating the ultimate immersive experience. This may be particularly interesting to the fields of outdoor, sports and travel. This means that there are is once again a whole new field of marketing applications to discover.

What exactly is this new marketing technique and how does it work? We have made the short video above to explain it to you in a nutshell. Would you like to know how our 360° video recording works or would you like to experience 360° VR video for yourself? Give us a heads up, we would be happy to give you a demonstration.

Next time we will go more in depth about expected future developments of this new tool and its possible marketing applications for your own company.

For more information and examples check out our 360° | VR page.

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